State Line

by Kill County

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released December 31, 2007

All songs by Kill County
mixed and recorded by Nick Kuhl
additional musicans are Brad Kindler and Terry McGinn



all rights reserved


Kill County

Red eyes,
Broke hearts,
More booze.

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Track Name: Carolina
When you dream a dream of some old world
that never was and never will be
And times are tough so your giving up
the world is nothing but the dirt under your feet

And I walked out to a place where the sun dont pass the trees
And I looked out to see you standing lifeless in the street

Oh Carolina, I feel you rushing through my veins
were coming home to you momma your children without names

Tell me which way does a lost man vear does he follow his hear or run away from fear
and could you kill a man before he kills you, swallow your pride leave the things you knew

and I thought what you wanted was the feeling to be free
but there aint nothing out here my son but the road out to the see
Track Name: Straight Six Ford
She asked me what I was thinking, and I said nothing
I smoked my last cigerette down to something
that I know all to well
And that's nothing
Yea I know

The high tides coming, just rising and rolling
we had a hard time up north, now we'll be leaving
I think I make out something vague
I guess thats something
Yea I know

This old town is rusting, and through the dust
I can hear that old straight six ford she's barely running
to get her off of those concrete blocks,
Is gonna take some trying
that i know

this goddamn rain keeps falling down
sweet annabelle we're gonna leave this town
I know, yea I know

She asked me what I was thinking, and I said nothing
its just factories and headstones, and I'm slowly breaking
there are things in this world, that aint worth saying
that i know

But the Sante Fe's rolling, five freights a day
and I let that old engine, haul my thoughts away
they tell me that there are places down the line
that aint worth going
But I don't know
Track Name: County Line
Making ground on a one way out of town
and you find yourself in places you dont recognize
feeling low like you got nowhere to go
and how the time slips by boys i dont know

Marking time notching lines across the wall
thin yellow line, get me through the night and I'll
leave it all behind, right here just beyond that county line

midnight feels like the dogs up on your heels
and you can chase that old moon into the ground
but you know damn well that when the wolves pick up your trail
there be hell to pay and stories left to tell
Track Name: Southwind
Southwind i'll follow you down
South bound to El Paso town
Theres a hot southern wind from the hills of Mexico
and I am going to chase it down

Old boots I'll follow you around
Smoky Mountain carolina bound
weather are good ends down in the days wondering round
I trust you and Ill follow you around

Bottle yea ill have one more round
I wont trust that hope will be found
Stay anwhere but dust, cauise its ends times or bust
But your the best friend ive got pound for pound

Heart you stay here in the sound
dont you let those stormy seas drag you down
quiet her gale in the north Puget Sound
wont you hold her and keep her till i come back round
Washington north border bound
Track Name: Songbird
Little towns are filled with madness
folks doing the best they can
the whole world all wrapped in gold
to hear the sound of your own voice
telling you you got no choice
but watch it roll around like the sun

Uncle Jack he is on the back porch
holding court with a string of dreams
the wind in the trees blows my mind
left alone he is the king of kings
a crown of thorns and guitar strings
the light out back stays on and on all night long

Sing on a you little songbirds
Stand tall in your neon lights
I feel you rolling around in my mind

but on the road this shit dont matter
on the road it is all the same
just give me that rail yard and i might wander
just give me one more chance to feel the rain
Track Name: Adeline
give me the finest roads this side of heaven
so i can find my way home just as soon as i can
a steady wind at my back, a little whiskey in my hand
oh this mountain has always been kind
to me and my sweet adeline

it was the winter of 39, when all hell froze over
in the soup line just waiting for deaths cold
so with no where else to go we packed our bags for the coast
we went looking for a little sunshine
arm and arm with my sweet adeline

a mountain side was enough for our home
just a cabin in the woods friends
it wasnt nothing to boast and we kept to our own
we took our food off of the land, i took my wife by the hand
and we would wander through the cool mountain pines
oh i love you my sweet adeline

then one day the sheriff came around
said you cant live for free here but aint no bankers from town
ever going to take away our home
so from the porch where she stood
she laid that sheriff down for good
and i held here said please girl dont you cry
so by the morning I was on the state line

send me a letter by mail
to the Reno county jail
where i am doing 10 years hard time
I miss you my sweet adeline
Track Name: Of Roads and Streets
Sleep out on the street
anywhere to lay your bones
Coming in off the heat
we were a long way from home

We were young we were reckless and wild
Getting by on luck and a smile
Staying high on anything we could find to pass the time

Staying up all night reading poems that you find
under the trees girl in a park on the rivers side
Step into the river and count the stars that dare to shine

Sunrise on a high tide
staying close to the fire
The air is fresh and you can see your breath
across an ocean deep and wide

Rub the sleep out of your eyes
The fire is dead and the bottles are dry
If there is a god and she is on our side we will catch a ride

Up into the red woods where youd stay forever if you thought you could
but that road has got you girl, she has got you good
so take it where is comes and leave the rest just laying where they should.
Track Name: Three Bullets
With my bed roll unraveled underneath the stars above
everyday I travel 50 miles to see my love
and drift asleep by the widest river underneath a little town
where my wife sleeps with her lover and i have come to cut them down

I left our boy back in Georgia with his sister by his side
on a farm worth next to nothing he'll be a man before his time
And though i tried to explain it brought back the tears and all the pain
so i left them there on that old porch swing with every dollar to my name

do you recognize me darlin has my faced changed with time
though we are both a little older i can see that life has treated you fine
you found a home of love and riches you found a life of wealth and ease
you found everything you wanted to take anything you please
you took my dreams, you took my heart, you broke a man when you pulled up stakes
and now it is hard to see the difference between love and hate
so lay you down in your bed so fine
I got three bullets here heavy and bright
one is for you, one is for your lover, and one's for me just to make it right.
Track Name: Into the Tin Can
Little momma's in the back
she is feeling old
She says the days of turning heads are gone
but i never miss the chance to prove her wrong

I spent my life just chasing death
I tried to make a home each place I rest
And it is enough just to stop and take a breath

dont hang on too tight
momma is going to let you go and there is nothing left to fight

And i lost a friend or two along the way
One day i will take my bow and be on my way
so let's raise a glass tonight friends for the day.