The Year of Getting By

by Kill County

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released August 30, 2010

Josh James-guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, vocals
Ringo- banjo, guitar, vocals
Joe Salvati-pedel steel and dobro
Josh Hoyer- piano
Terry McGinn-fiddle
Brad Kindler-drums
Mark Wolberg-bass



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Kill County

Red eyes,
Broke hearts,
More booze.

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Track Name: Time Passing
The years are past counting
the hours are crawling slow like the north wind that blows through your door
Its just time passing
wine glasses crashing
and you know she is leaving cause they always do

and December is on us like cold steel handcuffs
the rent check wont clear
she wont come home, and you lying alone

Face down in the frost line
with the fuckups and the barflies
forsaken and cleaned out like scrapped out sedan
and your transmissions grinding, your cylinders are binding
and you aint hit third gear in so many years.

and December is on us like cold steel handcuffs
the rent check wont clear
she wont come home, and you lying alone

No highways and boxcars, no bottles and trainyards can steady the shiver of a winter alone

and you promised your bride, that you would forget her
she'd pack up and youd let her
god knows you tried
your daddy was the king of chopsaws and hammers
your just the prince of things that dont matter.

and December is on us like neckties and collars
you spent your good dollars on a couple of bills
it eases the the lying alone

No highways and boxcars, no bottles and trainyards can steady the shiver of a winter alone
Track Name: The Train, the Drink, and the Dawn
I hail from Maryland, the Yankee son of white trash kin
but as a boy things look fine from the rented house through the broken blinds
Daddy was a welder till the union broke and momma fell ill
So I signed on as a man to be a poor boy in a poor land

The G I checks never came through, you give them four years and all the give you
Is a few dead friends, a few good lies, a thousand yards for your eyes.
till you're broke down in a train yard, I never was bound to get far
Hey Lincoln Nebraska, I could use a friend right now.

Because there's blood lines, Amphetamines and whiskey
And there's tears and there's iron, and there's pills please
There's dark dreams of days that lay beyond
All the trains, the drink, and the dawn

Well friend please don't blame me none, a man in my shoes was bound to run
To any train yard or rail line, a forty five or cheap wine.
And I can't build no home you know at her brother's house in Ohio
But I could use a friend right now.

The sun was shinin'. And in the morning light I saw the Autumn dying
Knowing, that winter was coming, I knew right then I could never see another one.
There was a little black train just rolling bye, and I ran her down and caught her on the fly.
So good bye, fair thee well, good bye.

Well if you know the way I roll, then you'll know the way I'll go.
And friend don't blame the gun, there's no need to mourn me none.
There's little birds and pretty things, and a better man he might find change.
But as for me, just bury me beneath, the cedars and the pine, the sun and all her shine,
And safe there I'll stay, with the wreckage and the waste,
and the dark dreams of days that lay beyond
all the trains, the drink, and the dawn.
Track Name: Down To Texas
You can roll on down to Texas, find yourself in the desert air
you can rearrange your sadness, and your distant stare
but I'm in no shape to travel, besides I've been down that road before
chasing circles around my own shadow, as they fall across the floor

Making tracks for Oklahoma, where my dreams have come to die
there i sit with my whole life, right before my eyes
There is a wind in the canyon, and as the sun begins to rise
Well she brings with her a stillness, and leaves it by your side

Its the little things I know
when the bad ones start to show
you dont give up, you just keep on down the road

momma the rain, the wind and the rains gonna blow

Leave your voice across the hills of Kansas, across the void of a dieing town
If your thoughts linger onto madness, friend look around
cause there aint nothing but the wind here, and as she rolls from town to town
she dont linger on her attachments, she just picks up without a sound
Track Name: Left My Home
I left my home boys when I was a child
I went out to see the world when the world was wild
And all in time I'm gonna make it right

And I drank that whiskey boys drink it night and day
Oh that whiskey it keeps the blues away
and all in time I'm gonna make it right

Gonna get me a country girl and I'm gonna treat her right
No more lonely days, no more lonely nights
All in time I'm gonna make it right

I spent my whole life working for another man
Gonna get me a farm and work for the land
All in time I'm gonna make it right.
Track Name: Coffee Black
Coffee black please, before I go
a shot of bourbon now the lights down low
friend of mine he'll be gone before the snow. Its so hard

Get up man and drag yourself home
collect your thoughts, pick up your bones
no one knows what you dream when your alone. Its so hard

The cut the pines, they cut'em low
the took the coal away in a heavy load
the took the tops of the tops of those hills and there so low

I dream of switchblades and 44's
pickup truck wrecks and foreign shores
I'd trade it all for a dreamless night and its so long

Let my song die, with my heart
may the two never tear apart
Slow silence by my death bed, lay my song by my head

Coffee black please, before I go
a shot of bourbon now the lights down low
friend of mine I'l be gone before the snow and its hard
Track Name: Western Town
I tend to light out for the next western town
got me a trade now and I follow it around
though I dont ask for much, i'll take whatever I can get
and the difference you ignore but you feel

I got me an eye now for the brick and the stone
it aint a hard life you just do what you know
and at the end of the day i forget who I am
when the morning comes that's where I make my stand

I was down in Springfield where I called myself Joe
they pay cash here and the women they know
that you take your chances whenever they show
and they dont mind a tear in your eye

I met Marie here she knew all my names
she played the same game; a little money for your pain
and whether you are lifting your skirt or laying brick next to brick
at some point friends you body just gives in

Drifting away on mistakes you've made
till you wake up one morning and you find
your just killing time waiting for the next one to arrive

So I took my first chance to set myself free
down at the cathouse to fetch my Marie
i found her deep in the arms or another broke man
so i paid him his money and we ran

we spend all our days here in a trailer I found
got me a job near and Marie works in town
at the end of the day we forget who we are
leave our troubles friends at the end of the bar
Track Name: Straight Six Ford
She asked me what I was thinking, and I said nothing
I smoked my last cigerette down to something
that I know all to well
And that's nothing
Yea I know

The high tides coming, just rising and rolling
we had a hard time up north, now we'll be leaving
I think I make out something vague
I guess thats something
Yea I know

This old town is rusting, and through the dust
I can hear that old straight six ford she's barely running
to get her off of those concrete blocks,
Is gonna take some trying
that i know

this goddamn rain keeps falling down
sweet annabelle we're gonna leave this town
I know, yea I know

She asked me what I was thinking, and I said nothing
its just factories and headstones, and I'm slowly breaking
there are things in this world, that aint worth saying
that i know

But the Sante Fe's rolling, five freights a day
and I let that old engine, haul my thoughts away
they tell me that there are places down the line
that aint worth going
But I don't know

Track Name: My Boots On
Some say the road is mean, some say the road is long.
I'm just glad that there's a road to wander on.
Some say the road is mean, some say the road is long.
I'm comin' home momma, with my boots on.

Some waste time, lord knows I waste mine.
Some hold the faith, some hold a bottle of wine.
Somewhere in between Cheyenne and Omaha.
I'm comin' home momma, with my boots on.

So don't you cry.
We've always found a way to get by.
No don't be blue.
I've always found a way home to you.

I'm high up in the pines, but I'm as low as low can go.
Seems rollin' down this lonely road is all I've come to know.
Track Name: The Sequence
Calling all the soldiers who havent left town
We got time for one more round
the train is at the station with your unfired guns
cause I get this feeling when your around

Crops in the field now growing in the sun
and each seed is a promise on a dream
when I see the storms come I walk downtown
to pray the the wind wont cut them down

One more year on solid ground

Oh my sweet, sweet Marie
A toast for the the good years that we've seen
and one for the strengh in times of need
and one for the rain thats coming down to a home in the ground

Each days brings us secrets and we learn in time
they come from the things we leave behind
You search for the sequence the reason and the rythme
and they'll take shape just to leave you blind
So I walk the streets and beg for a dime
to grab me a drink to clear my mind

A toast for the year of getting by
And one for the women at my side
And one for the day when they lay us down to a home in the ground