Broken Glass In The Sun

by Kill County

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released February 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Kill County

Red eyes,
Broke hearts,
More booze.

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Track Name: Beat Up Iron
Lean times and sun blacked pines. The red rusts on what once shined. I find myself short of breath. Raising glasses for the dust and death.
The Bridge washed out some time ago, but the river didn't notice, she didn't change her roll. She still goes by where we once stood. Where I watched you leave, where I turned no good.

I've been feeling like beat up iron. Just slipping through my gears. And I suppose we all must pay, for those good old days.

Staying poor was going to keep you pure. I've been at it a while now and I ain't sure. But I still got the moon to kill the dark, still got the pills to kill my aching heart.

Swing low sweet chariot when you go, for there is something rotten way down low
Fly fast, fly until you pass, for all the ones that will not last.
Track Name: 7 Billion Broken Hearts
Stray bottles on the table catch some early sunlight
coming through torn up labels to play tricks on my eyes
And the latest and last lover slipping out the back door, just whispers her good bye
but tell me something i aint already know

Just like that early morning thunder, like some old washed out tape
theres somethings I hold onto and theres some things I cant escape
But I guess I aint sure how I am going to make it through the night
so I keep checking stray bottles to see what is left inside

Aint there a million love songs for each star in the sky
and that light keeps on shining through the star long ago died
Theres 7 billion broken hearts now for each star in the sky
so make a wish on my darling, watch me just fall all apart

I had this dream we were dancing; you spun me right across the floor
but then you were somebody else dear, a face I aint never seen before.
Shifting faces in the dark, shifting faces in the mirror.
I swear I caught your reflection in that last bottle of beer.
Track Name: Line Of Sight
Carlsbad at the end of a new year and we're at the edge of time
We lost our heads in air here, in the heat and the wine
And we shot the last of our paychecks, into the back of our minds
We lie awake and watch the gods swim through the pines

Darlin when i left for them oilfields i left my life behind
Because there aint no room for no lonesome in a one room dive
And there aint no stretch of that highway that a man survives
So just keep your foot on the gas and your mind on your line of sight

When war came and left with all our children, gone were them simple days
you stopped sleeping, started drinking in this home grown rage
We lost our first son in Dallas in a motorcade
the next one came home with a preacher, just some tags to claim

We made it out ahead of the fires: the whole world is a silver blue
And i took to spending all hours with just my eyes on you
We stood in the last stand of our fathers, it was all we knew
So love take me home in the morning; lets see this through
Track Name: Broken Glass In The Sun
Well I'm a long way off from Omaha. Watching the fireflies burn out in the yard. And your letters don't come, so I pace the porch. Turn fingers to fists, and put some holes through the door.
Broken Glass in the Sun, I'll be missing you by one.
Whiskey wet me thru, I'll be stone drunk by two.
The night howls thru the trees, and the tears fall free.
I'll be face down by four, my tears drying on the floor.
But it's still such a long way, to your heart and thru the clay.
Across tundras and plains, and thru the storm in my veins.
But the summer sun is rolling low, and I've a mind to fly.
Leave all of this goddamn wreckage, for a clear northern sky.
Broken Glass in the Sun, I'll be missing you by one.
Whiskey wet me thru, I'll be stone drunk by two.
And the night howls through the trees, and I'm on my knees.
But I'll be face down by four, my tears drying on the floor.
Yeah I'll be face down by four, my tears drying on the floor.
Track Name: Bad Gasoline
Six pistons firing mean. She's drunk again on some bad gasoline. I might blow this engine out if I don't quit this running 'round. Should probably just stay here in town. She's had her fill of prairies and sounds. She'd rather just sit here and rust away, but we got dust and hell to raise.

And it's a long road back to no man's land, and I can't stand these shaking hands. I am nothing but dirt beneath my heels, only dust behind my wheels.

I dropped her gears in washington. Left for dead out on the 101. She ain't ever been quite the same. Her old paint, dents, and shame. Now Oklahoma's going cold. Snow piling on this northbound road. If I don't clear these clouds by dark...I'm saying prayers and pushing hard.

Hold sway, and these winds will die away. So you can rest in your rust, your oil, chains and dust. You're good steel, but I won't make that deal. These wastes are your home, with the wreckage and the brome..
And it's a long old road...

Take the wheel my head hurts. In between the ditches and the earth. Don't you mind them solid lines. You mind the stones, cliffs, and pines.
Track Name: Neighbor Dogs
Come on love now take my hand
Tell me about your mother and the bills that pile like the mountains
you left when you were young
Take your time work up a smile
Aint seen it around in quite awhile like the sun went dry couldn't reconcile
the moon and how it glows
Well I dont remember back a time before your world crashed into mine
It was long now but I aint forget, you asked me to stay and I aint run yet

Lets slip on down to Mexico
Live amongst things we dont know like tomorrow and the rain and snow
and the prayers left at our doors
Well now aint it like this world my friends how some do alright the rest pretend
that each day aint some new regret, feel like dying but I aint there yet

So let them neighbor dogs just howl all night, were the last of the ghosts tonight
So save your tear for another day, your gonna need them either way

So come on love now take my hand
The moon is in the sky again, A body takes about all it can and leaves the rest behind.
Track Name: Elijah
Oh my Elijah, take comfort
Its somewhere in the valley of your own heart
Go tell your mother, she aint to worry and I will be home before the daylight shines
Ill be home before to long
Summer made of fire, for days lay unbroken
The farmers in the bar, loosing their minds
And somedays I wake up, i pitch through the darkness
Somedays I dont know who I am, Somedays i feel like another man

Oh my Elijah, take cover
Somewhere in the valley of your own heart
Trace back your footsteps that run by the old fence
and dont look back, dont look down
Dont ever lay your hands on poison ground.
Track Name: December Winds
My name is Joe Fallon, and I work Iron, just like my father did.
And I've got a family, little girls who love me, but they see when my hands do tremble.
They lured my father, they lured him right from his field with the dream of union steel. And he broke his back so my momma could have all the things that we now lack.
May the wind treat you well, 'cause it's tearing thru the rust belt.
And they're coming again, those cold December winds.

When I was a child, I'd go wild just to see those trucks rolling thru town. And in those days, the jobs would pay, and I grew in the house my family owned.
But these days it's a trailer, and we make due here, but I see my wife's eyes growing dim. They've got a plan to take the fight out of a man but I know the strength in these two hands.

Gone are the days of steel.
And there's cancer in these fields.
Gone are the picket lines.
Now you can't strike on hard times.
No, you can't strike on hard times.

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