Dust In Wire

by Kill County

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This record represents both an evolution and commitment to Kill County’s genuine, whiskey soaked country/folk music. Dust In Wire is oft times stoic and brooding, deliberate and contemplative, interspersed with reckless choruses and surging instrumentation. Ten songs of madness, drink, redemption, love, loss,slowburner black top and black night.

"p.s. I actually had to start a “Best of 2013″ category due to this album" slowcoustic.com


released April 15, 2013

All songs by Kill County 2012 except My Friend Dirt by Jesse O’Hare. Recorded in Lincoln Nebraska, February 2012, by Bryan Bussard and Kill County. Mixed by Bryan Bussard. Mastered by Doug Van Sloan. Design and Layout by Eric Nyffeler doe-eyed.com



all rights reserved


Kill County

Red eyes,
Broke hearts,
More booze.

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Track Name: I805am
I’m on the road love, I gotta few miles to go and I’m searching the sky for the signs
and there’s this old song playing on the radio and it eases my mind for awhile
Leaning in on the dawn, you could empty out your eyes on the colors as the sun threatens to rise
but Im gonna keep it steady, i feel wasted but Im ready, behind the wheel of this bird in flight
I dont know where I’m going or what I’m gonna find
I think I’m just tired of the ride

I see these old farms scattered out in the light, and I wonder how the folks here can survive
Cause there’s too much not to stay, there’s too little to run away, but your dreams have seen their better days
It’s that blood and the desire, its the dust wrapped in wire, it’s the shadows of your fears in the fire
Dancing ‘round your madness, ‘til you can’t go on
fade out with the moon, come dawn

So break me slowly, let me down easy, I’m just an old man grown weary of the road
And I ain’t nothing but water, i took the name of my father, I left home just to wander all alone
And that first day fell upon me, and I took in all the county, them last stars of the morning were my home
And now I stand here before you, and I feel like I should warn you, there ain’t nothing left here to know that ain’t already known
Track Name: Shitty Truck
A friend of mine works hard down near the end of the line. He says he can get me a job just killing time. He said the pay really ain’t that bad, it’s the hours that are hard to stand. He said it ain’t that hard, it’s something to do. I said no thanks man, if it’s all the same to you.

I think I’ll drive my shitty truck out to the end of time, and dig a deep hole for everything I call mine.
Drive out past the point where the prairie meets the sand. ‘Cause things round here are getting bad when all the good times are already had.

I might be the punchline to the world’s oldest joke. Looking for a diamond in a pile of burnt up coal. I’m gonna move out to the country and be a goddamn soak. It don’t sound hard, it’s something to do. Me and this town, we’re through.

My father butchers time down near the end of the line. He says boy you should get a job that’s worth more than dimes. You’ve been sitting with these hard times for seven long years. Yeah times are hard but no thanks man, that’d make them worse, and I prefer them bad.
Track Name: Home Blues
I got your letter this morning, says you ain’t never coming home
I guess you were the last one to know that you were never going to love me
but i got your leaving home blues

Dishes are laid out on the table, your closet spills out on the floor
seems like you’re chasing something, or baby, are you just running
and I got your leaving home blues

I go out by them railtracks; oh them old freight trains fly
and their old whistle sings a sad tune; it’s one we had grown used to
it’s a lovers lullaby

And I took them things that you left dear, i threw them all into a fire
and i stood there all night, watched them burn down to ashes
and I got your leaving home blues

so get me on that next train a-coming, Ill take that next train out of town
the steel rail is gonna take my soul, from the badlands that haunt me
and ease me like you used to do
Track Name: My Friend Dirt
I guess she’s sending me away
When you don’t seem to mind, it feels sort of strange
My friend dirt, I ain’t goin’ back to work
I’m gonna chalk it all up to the blues,
Chalk it all up to the blues.

I’ve never been much of a man
I couldn’t hold it together, to save my good ends
Wine wreaks havoc, but it’s an ancient old sin
I’m gonna drink it ‘til I don’t wake up
I’m gonna drink it ‘til I don’t wake up
The Princess treats her pill like it’s silver, like it’s gold
She reminds you of your suffering, your pain and your cold
And just when you think she’s gonna make you her own
She cuts you to size, she leaves you alone

I suppose there’s no easy way
Keep your mind in your chest, and your heart in the clay
May I suggest, as I lie here in my mess
This ain’t a city boy, it’s just a town
I’ve been in trouble since my boots hit the ground
Track Name: Take Your Bow
Moonlight drift away, dawn gives into day, and we all need something to live
I heard you crying, and I tried to find you but you had your reasons for hiding
First light gives shape to the work of the day and at our best we accept what we’ve made
Cause living is dying, and i try to fight it, but I know in end its all the same

I lie on my back and watch the grass sway above me, there ain’t no use in the stars
We used to starve when the gods turned against us, but now you boys out on wall street take your bow
there ain’t no god in it now

We’re praying for rain, the sun on our faces, and we pray for the folks out on the dole
We struggle to know, the things we can know and the rest we commit to the soul
Snow fell on our feet, so we sold off cheap, how did another year just slip away
I used to take pride, I’d sleep through the night, but now there’s too many bills unpaid
Track Name: Brownlee
The gravel spur off the 83 line, the one that leads out to Brownlee
It’s straight and flat, and there’s some old cat tracks
You’re in Cherry county now son
The south and her grandeur ain’t never been my land, no sir

Sand and rain, old pine and lead pane
Stoorfronts bowed and broken down
There’s a river here, and she leads somewhere
But it don’t matter much where son
‘Cause the waves out past the loam, they’ve never been my home

Your granddad, he made his way to this land
He had a black 38 Ford
Back in those days, this was a better place than what you see here today
Now just grey dust and bones, red rust and head stones
My son, if you pray, pray alone
You’ll be the only one

It ain’t much, but hard hearts, sand and such
It’s alright, every day turns to night
This land ain’t dyin’, but she’s a little tired of the times of tryin’
To lay her low, but these roots run deeper than you know

Take my feet, lay them in the stream
Put my voice to the wind
Hold my hands, press them in the sand
Give my heart to the grasslands
I was never one, for these city streets my son
And if you pray, pray alone
You’ll be the only one
Track Name: Hard Times
Come you men of iron
Come you men of steel, you boys out in the field
Come you daughters, you mothers, you sisters and whores
Come you restless, you listless and poor

It’s the blood on your brow
It’s the dust in your cuffs, your back bent so low
Bring the pills, bring the wine, it’s a damn fine time
I’ll see you when the cold day breaks
I’ll see you when the cold day breaks

Here’s to the hard times
The long winter nights, another year of getting by
Through the hard times
Here’s to the hard times

Come in off the street
The jailers are hungry for the dirty and weak
Don’t you go quiet you rousers of riots
And you hard handed men

You brawlers, so mean
You children of the sea, thieves on the drink
Men in blue collars keep chasing green dollars
I see them when the cold day breaks
I see them when the cold day breaks

Here’s to the hard times...

Come closer friend
A toast to the trade, and a drink for the end
We’ll mourn the sound of another dying town
Another closed factory door
Come closer dear
Speak slow and low, ‘cause I ache to hear
A voice soft and light through the roar of the night
And I’ll see you when the cold day breaks
I’ll see you when the cold day breaks

Here’s to the hard times...
Track Name: Maggie
Maggie you’re the reason I got the problems that i do
and drinking is just pretending, i ain’t thinking about you
And you have every reason to treat me like you do
cause i kept you lonesome and treated you cruel

Maggie I know I’m to blame; you found me angry and I believed that one day you’d rescue me
but baby we all got our ways; you tend to love them things you can’t save

My old man went to prison, the last years of his life
locked up in a hole to ponder his crimes
and he made his decisions, found some peace within his mind
he never said he was guilty, he just quit taking sides
So Maggie be safe tonight, when you’re out of your mind, on the pain and the wine, the boys don’t leave their names behind

I saw you on the corner, the streetlights in your eyes
talking on the phone, your sadness disguised
and I miss you baby flick your smoke out in the snow
I never saw you coming, but I hate to see you go
Track Name: Vodka and Bad TV
Shadows fall on the old bar top leather
It’s been kind of slow, the factory closed last year
This town is known for bad weather

I pour drinks here
I’ve always been a good listener
I’ve heard stories and lies from every backslider
And a few good looking daughters
Marie, Marie
There’s vodka and bad TV
Marie, don’t you go
There’s Hank on an old radio

I’ve never seen such a beautiful trainwreck
From the stains on her jeans to the bruise ‘round her neck
And she smells like lilies and wine

I tend to stray from what I mean to say
And I generally go home alone around 3
But tonight, she’s comin’ home with me

I’m gonna let her drive my car
We’re gonna park in the yard
She’s gonna drink my whole house dry
If I end up with a scar, that’s fine
Track Name: Black Moon
Black Moon rising in the heat of the day, and lately my minds been easy to stray
since i saw my baby boarding that train
black smoke rising over them tracks that took my baby away

so black moon, black train, take my heart with you, over them plains
ain’t a night I don’t dream of you, in the black veil of sleep
black train bringing my baby back home to me

black moon, a deep dark hole, and black is my heart tonight, it’s black as coal
and here in the deep dark night, i’m sitting all alone
I’m gonna drink you away, ‘til i feel no pain, and my body goes cold

black moon, black soil, please take this body that is long for the toil
when I’m on my journey, through the darkest unknown
come gather round in song, another one’s gone, made a church yard his home