Live Benefit for BOLD Nebraska

by Kill County (Ringo Solo Show)



This is a digital release exclusively, 100% of all proceeds go to BOLD Nebraska ( the price is cheap but set up as a pay what you can, 4 bucks minimum. Please be generous in your support of this citizens group fighting the Keystone XL Pipeline. and THANK YOU!!

The story of how this record got recorded at all is something like a last minute hunch and scurry to gather equipment. We knew that the room sounded incredible and at the last minute we decided to set up some room and instrument mics to see what we would get. What we ended up capturing was something very special, very unique to the place and the moment. I played some older Kill County songs that I have played very scarcely over the years, some traditional songs, and some new ones that are to be released in April on Kill County’s LP, Dust In Wire.

I wanted to gift 100% of the proceeds to BOLD Nebraska because I believe in doing what you can, when you can. Though my life these days has led me to Michigan, my home will always be Nebraska: it is where I was raised, where I come back to see my family, and I believe that it still informs so much of who I am today. It shows that this fight against the Keystone pipeline is not contained to Nebraska or even to this particular pipeline: its about respect and honor for the land that supports us through both material and spiritual sustenance. I believe in BOLD Nebraska, I believe in those all along the route fighting for justice- this is my voice saying I'm with you.


released February 22, 2013

The Art:
Consistent will all his work with BOLD and other groups Justin Kemerling ( has again eased grace and substance into a profound image that he donated to this record.

Gracefully Recorded and Engineered by Tracy Webb



all rights reserved


Kill County

Red eyes,
Broke hearts,
More booze.

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Track Name: Brown Lee
The gravel spur off the 83 line, the one that leads out to Brownlee
It’s straight and flat, and there’s some old cat tracks
You’re in Cherry county now son
The south and her grandeur ain’t never been my land, no sir

Sand and rain, old pine and lead pane
Stoorfronts bowed and broken down
There’s a river here, and she leads somewhere
But it don’t matter much where son
‘Cause the waves out past the loam, they’ve never been my home

Your granddad, he made his way to this land
He had a black 38 Ford
Back in those days, this was a better place than what you see here today
Now just grey dust and bones, red rust and head stones
My son, if you pray, pray alone
You’ll be the only one

It ain’t much, but hard hearts, sand and such
It’s alright, every day turns to night
This land ain’t dyin’, but she’s a little tired of the times of tryin’
To lay her low, but these roots run deeper than you know

Take my feet, lay them in the stream
Put my voice to the wind
Hold my hands, press them in the sand
Give my heart to the grasslands
I was never one, for these city streets my son
And if you pray, pray alone
You’ll be the only one
Track Name: Into The Tin Can
Little momma's in the back
she is feeling old
She says the days of turning heads are gone
but i never miss the chance to prove her wrong

I spent my life just chasing death
I tried to make a home each place I rest
And it is enough just to stop and take a breath

dont hang on too tight
momma is going to let you go and there is nothing left to fight

And i lost a friend or two along the way
One day i will take my bow and be on my way
so let's raise a glass tonight friends for this day.
Track Name: Line of Sight
Carlsbad at the end of a new year and we're at the edge of time
We lost our heads in air here, in the heat and the wine
And we shot the last of our paychecks, into the back of our minds
We lie awake and watch the gods swim through the pines

Darlin when i left for them oilfields i left my life behind
Because there aint no room for no lonesome in a one room dive
And there aint no strech of that highway that a man survives
So just keep your foot on the gas and your mind on your line of sight

When war came and left with all our children, gone were them simple days
you stopped sleeping, started drinking in this home grown rage
We lost our first son in Dallas in a motorcade
the next one came home with a preacher, just some tags to claim

We made it out ahead of the fires: the whole world is a silver blue
And i took to spending all hours with just my eyes on you
We stood in the last stand of our fathers, it was all we knew
So love take me home in the morning; lets see this through
Track Name: Maggie
Maggie you’re the reason I got the problems that i do
and drinking is just pretending, i ain’t thinking about you
And you have every reason to treat me like you do
cause i kept you lonesome and treated you cruel

Maggie I know I’m to blame; you found me angry and I believed that one day you’d rescue me
but baby we all got our ways; you tend to love these things you can’t save

My old man went to prison, the last years of his life
locked up in a hole to ponder his crimes
and he made his decisions, found some peace within his mind
he never said he was guilty, he just quit taking sides
So Maggie be safe tonight, when you’re out of your mind, on the pain and the wine, the boys don’t leave their names behind

I saw you on the corner, the streetlights in your eyes
talking on the phone, your sadness disguised
and I miss you baby flick your smoke out in the snow
I never saw you coming, but I hate to see you go
Track Name: The Sequence
Calling all the soldiers who havent left town
We got time for one more round
the train is at the station with your unfired guns
cause I get this feeling when your around

Crops in the field now growing in the sun
and each seed is a promise on a dream
when I see the storms come I walk downtown
to pray the the wind wont cut them down

One more year on solid ground

Oh my sweet, sweet Marie
A toast for the the good years that we've seen
and one for the strengh in times of need
and one for the rain thats coming down to a home in the ground

Each days brings us secrets and we learn in time
they come from the things we leave behind
You search for the sequence the reason and the rythme
and they'll take shape just to leave you blind
So I walk the streets and beg for a dime
to grab me a drink to clear my mind

A toast for the year of getting by
And one for the women at my side
And one for the day when they lay us down to a home in the ground
Track Name: Michigan
Old Friend-its hard here when your gone
Im just an orphan in this land of Texas sons
and i miss the cold touch of the road, Im just here paying bills, getting low

I hear Ann Arbor is nice, you like the cold, cheap beer, its paradise
But its 28 hours to Michigan from here. So hears to the colder climes, cheaper beer

Old friend: the thing i miss the most is how you laugh at all my wayward jokes
Friend like that is hard to find, its hard to look when you've drunk yourself blind

Pretty good chance it'll all turn out the same, there aint no one but yourself to blame.
Pretty good chance, everyone around you knows: its your own damn fault your so damn low

Old friend: its hard here when your gone
Im just a bastard, in this land of Texas sons
And i miss the cold touch of the road
Im just here, Getting high staying low